Wednesday, November 26, 2014


As I was beating eggs, mixing in sugar and folding in pecans yesterday I couldn't help but think upon the blessings that have come our way in the past year.  While recounting my blessings my mind wandered and I couldn't help but remember. I couldn't help but remember that while I give thanks there is a world of people who are suffering.

The truth is, Thanksgiving is the beginning of a season where we give thanks and praise for all that God has done, but there are people everywhere who are begging for something to be thankful for this year.

The father who lost his job and doesn't know how much longer the savings account will carry them through.

The mother who lost a child.

The woman who has tried for years to conceive and still waits to rejoice in God's provision.

The dreamer whose dreams have been shattered and doesn't even know where to start life again.

The couple whose marriage has been torn apart, who are caught between love and hate yet only want peace.

The college student who is suddenly searching for life's direction.

The elderly man who can't remember his own child's name.

The refugee from a war torn land that struggles with starting life in a culture vastly different from their own.

So many people, so much loss.  Our world is full of people who have known heartache far worse than I will ever experience, people who have every reason to rebel this week and not feel thankful.  Someone is missing at the table, dreams have been lost, reality has changed for many and they just don't feel thankful at all.  I simply cannot blame them.  But I also can't just leave them sitting there in their loss.

Friends, my challenge to you this holiday season, is to remember.  Remember those who are hurting, and love them in their hurt.  Stand beside those who grieve and allow them to grieve.  Be the reason they can have hope and be thankful.  Be with them in their loss and walk the road toward healing beside them.  Give them a piece of your joy, give them a reason to give thanks.