Thursday, October 02, 2014

Mom friends: my kid needs me to have them.

It happened fairly naturally.  We had a baby and I stumbled upon some pretty incredible relationships with other women at our church.  We got together for "play dates" for our boys who could barely hold a toy at the time, and would glean any parenting insight we could from one another about sleeping, eating, poop consistency or frequency, you name it.  The tiny little humans were throwing us mommas for a loop and we needed each other.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that I survived the first 2.5 years of parenting in large part because of these women.  

What I'm realizing now is that these women are not only instrumental in my life but they are vital in the lives of my children as well.These women impact my kids in numerous ways.

1. My children are learning that other people can love and care for them by the example set forth by these women.  There have been many occasions where one of these women has hugged or kiss a boo boo for my child and he's learned that other people can comfort his pain.  They've prepared allergy friendly foods for my kids and embraced them as they would their own.

2. While our discipline styles may be different from each other I love the fact that my son is learning to listen to and respect other adults and other ways of parenting.  These women love my kids fiercely enough to redirect poor behavior on my kids part.  I do the same for their kids and we have a mutual respect for each other when doing so.  

3.  My parenting and the pressures I put on myself (and my kids) are directly impacted by my other mom friends, in a good way.  They inspire me to live out grace and patience.  They challenge me to love fiercely even when it's hard.  They've got my back if I'm carrying a screaming kid out to the car and as I drive off give me that look, the one that says, "you're going to survive this tantrum, I know, cause it was my kid yesterday."  

The list goes on, really.  I could go on about how these women help me keep my sanity, the mass quantity of texts and emails that go back and forth giving me encouragement to press onward, how I sleep better at night because of their words and support, how they remind me that God listens when we pray and that if I seek Jesus with all that I've got he will be found in the midst of the chaos of two babes.  When I learned I was pregnant a little over 3 years ago I didn't expect that I'd gain the gift of such life altering friendships, for me, or my children.  You see, as much as I need these women in my life, my kids need them too.  We wouldn't be where we are without them.

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