Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World AIDS Day

I was in 8th grade when I first heard the phrases HIV and AIDS. I remember the panic, and I remember the "talks" we had in class. I also remember when Magic Johnson made public the fact that he had HIV. I remember hearing a lot of statistics, and really HIV/AIDS was only a bunch of statistics to me... until I moved to Tanzania in 2006. When I started walking around Unga Limited with mama Diwani, I started to see the faces and hear the stories of people affected by HIV/AIDS, and the lack of education on how to prevent the spread of the disease.

It was in Unga Limited that I met Elizabeth. The girl who will forever for me be the face of AIDS. I met her a few months before AIDS took her life and I am forever changed. It will forever break my heart to think about the fact that a disease that can so easily be prevented has taken the lives of so many like Elizabeth.

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