Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My Big Brother...

Has an uncanny ability to make me cry...

We got home from Italy friday night, and apparently checked the mail too soon on Saturday, because when we came home from church on Sunday Jason found a box on the porch. I wasn't feeling well, so had already made it back upstairs, crawled back into pj's, and was crawling back into bed.

But I cannot resist opening a package... I simply cannot... especially when it's from South Texas.

Amongst a jacket I had loaned to my sister in law for the wedding, some amazing artwork from Connor, and our wedding gift was a card with a note from my brother:

I wanted to include a copy of my speech from your wedding. I had it all prepared I just never got a chance to give it, but I wanted to make sure you heard (read) the words.

Some of you may have heard that I can be a bit of an overprotective brother.

I assure you that i always had her best interests in mind, however what some of you may not know was that I wasn't always successful at protecting or providing for my sister.

When she was 10 or 11, I was instrumental in the grand idea to put the sprinkler under the trampoline in which she later fell and broke her shoulder.

WHen she was six or so, I "accidentally" hit her in the face with a shovel while trying to help our dad dig us out of a Colorado snow storm.

When she was about 4, I convinced her to run away from home with me, I think because the neighbors house we were running to had an atari or something.

When she was really little, my parent had her in one of those jumperoos that hangs from the door jamb. Well I obviously didn't think that up and down was good enough for my sister so I decided to pull her out as for as I could and let go so she could swing back and forth as well.

Clearly, I was trying to improve or enhance Pam's life during all of these but came up a little bit short. (except maybe for the shovel thing-that was a straight up accident, sorry.)

Well I am happy to say that I finally got one right.

With regard to the boys that I may have allegedly "intimidated" or "threatened" while growing up; I was just protecting her until the right guy came along.

I was protecting her for you.

Welcome to the family brother.

I bawled through each word, so much so that Jason offered to take over, but I'm stubborn and didn't let him. I feel so incredibly humbled to have such great men in my life. Even if they make me cry.