Thursday, July 01, 2010


There's a whole lot of it going on! Of course it is expected, but man, we've been busy!

When we dreamt of life together, we were excited about the future and the ways God would use us, and we remain so, however we have been in a whirlwind of planning for life together, as well as for the wedding. The list, never really seems to get any shorter, but we continue to have fun, and yes, wear ourselves out too!

One thing we've considered important is taking the time now to set healthy boundaries, and taking stands for what is important in our relationship, both now, and in the future. A few changes that have already taken place:

*A set time weekly to talk about financial matters. It's no secret finances aren't my favorite topic, but it's important that we make time to communicate about our financial goals, and the many aspects of life that affect them, its also been a great opportunity for me to learn a thing or two from someone who has a keen awareness of managing finances.

*practicing the art of talking with each other before making plans! Let's face it, I've been single for 32 years! We both have lived very independent lives, and are learning that our decisions also affect the other person.

*A "wedding-free" time set in each week. I will admit I was the first person who said my life will not be ruled by a wedding, but that is SO much easier said than done. Like I said, the task list never gets any shorter. So, in order to preserve my sanity, each week has to have some time that is "wedding-free."

*Date night. You probably think this is nuts, but life does really have a habit of getting in the way of "dating" each other, and well, even as an engaged couple, we know that "dating" is important. So we've planned those out and are guarding the time set aside to pursue each other.

And these are just the beginning. A few coming up:

*Changes in living situation. A short while ago I received my renewal letter from my apartment complex. My lease is up this month, and in order to have a shorter lease through the day we are married, my rent was going to almost double. While we may sound old-fashioned, we do believe that God's best plan for us is to live separately until we are married, but at the same time, the drastic increase in my rent was hard to swallow. We considered several options, and recently firmed up a plan where Jason will quite sacrificially move out of the house and in with a friend until the big day, and I will move into the house. Did I mention I haven't started packing yet? I should probably get on that!

*Pre-marital counseling. We know that marriage is a big commitment, and one that we agree is for life, and while we are adults, we believe we can learn a lot from others. With July being occupied with relocation and me going to the Dominican with some students, we set our first appointment for our pre-marital counseling at the beginning of August. Not to worry though, we haven't put off until August to get prepared! We've ordered a handful of books recommended by people we believe to have a strong marriage and great wisdom in the area.

So yeah, life is a bit busy! We are indeed having fun, and are very excited for life together, and yes, couldn't believe it could begin soon enough!

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Becky Hendley said...

You are a precious encouragement to me who is coming upon an 18th anniversary a month from today- maybe I'll adopt some of your ideas!! Love you!