Friday, February 05, 2010

Update from Jacmel Haiti

Thanks for praying!

Team #1 is on the ground in Jacmel, Haiti! As of now the second team will board a plane at first light Saturday morning and fly to Jacmel. They have accommodations through G.O. Ministries in Santiago.

Rick Smith (for Pam)


Brian Williams said...

Sorry y'all didn't make it in tonight. Least you aren't on a bus for 9 hours. Instead you get to sleep well and go tomorrow! Praying for good travel tomorrow.

Rebekah Mangum said...

Is Pam going to be able to update? My Mom is Melanie, and I missed a call from her in Jacmel at 8:04 pm. I was trying to relay a message to her to call me at 9195539114 instead of my cell phone.