Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Travel Plans are firming up...

I mentioned in a previous post the hoops we had to jump through to move forward with plans to head to Haiti this weekend and the assistance that G.O! Ministries is providing us to get to Jacmel, Haiti.

Last week I contacted them, hoping, that just maybe someone would be able to give us some direction, little did I know that they would be so thorough, and committed to getting us there.

The original plan as mentioned before:
Fly into Santiago
Drive to Pedernales (9 hour drive)
Spend the night in Pedernales
Get on a Dominican Navy Boat to Haiti.

I mean really. They were going to arrange ALL of it. And to be honest, the adventurer in me was looking forward to it, even though I knew our team would be EXHAUSTED before we had done any work in Haiti.

But G.O! Ministries didn't stop there. They have found a way to fly us directly into Jacmel, the day we land in the Dominican Republic. How awesome is that! They had already found a solution, but kept looking for a better one, and have been so awesome in the ENTIRE process. I know we aren't the only group seeking their help.

Thanks G.O! Ministries!

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