Sunday, February 07, 2010


Today we sang, listened, prayed and were humbled. Again, it is such a priviledge for us to be here. We have been afforded the opportunity to join the Haitian church, as they block off the road, and set up church under tarps in front of their church building.

Each of us were challenged today by the words of Nick Mangine as he preached. Many of us were brought to tears as Nick eloquently, and appropriately, led the church in taking another step forward in healing from the earthquake. This earthquake changed everyone's lives, and we get to be witnesses, and encouragers as they take steps towards healing.

I encourage you to ask your family members about today. Ask questions about what it was like, how they felt, what they saw. I know that I, myself, will never forget the face of an elderly Haitian woman weeping after being given permission to do so by Nick. Never. I don't know her story, I don't know how the earthquake changed her life, but what I do know, is that she was given the freedom this morning to let her heart break before God, and again, she is changed.

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nanajobx said...

Pam I weep now as I read your words but thank you for sharing them.