Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Pre-Pack...

I honestly don't know when it started. I know packing for this trip began a good month ago. There is so much packaging waste with medications that we often break down the packaging, combine what can be combined, and this year, we added an extra step. Counting out the prescriptions that would be handed out and putting them in bags for easier distribution.

We have been so incredibly blessed by so many people who desire to see this trip a success. Most of the prescription medication, pain reliever, vitamins, and supplies were donated to our team, and every time a load shows up, we rejoice, and wonder, can we get it all in?

Here's a glimpse at what has been going on in the Crosspointe Community:

Thanks MAP, Kidspointe North, Medwish, Science with a Mission, Walmart, Ward Drug and I'm sure there are more of you that I am unaware of! Thanks for giving, and thanks to all of you who spent hours counting and sorting!


nanajobx said...

What is so amazing about this is that God knew what and He has been preparing for your trip. He knows exactly who you will meet,and what they will need. God knew. God knows. We truly serve an amazing God.

Freshman said...

Looks like things are coming together well for you all! We are praying for safety and protection! Good luck from Nebraska!