Sunday, February 07, 2010

One team, many purposes...

A quick try for internet access proved successful! Thanks for being patient with us. Mostly wanted to post a quick update to assure the families that we are all here, safe and sound, and having some fun.

I'll try to post more pictures and stories if internet allows, but for now, rest in the knowledge that we are all safe, we are all together, and we are all doing well. We are ready and eager to start clinic tomorrow, and are overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity that has been given to us as a group representing Crosspointe Church.

It is an honor to be here. We recognize that this trip isn't just about medicine, but that it is about healing in many ways. It's about encouraging our friends the Pye's and the Mangine's, and their kids, it's about reminding them that even when crisis hits, as a church we are here for them, that we love them, that we are committed to them, and we will help them move forward.

This morning it's about worshipping in the street with the church here, praising the God we all know and love, and reminding them, that He is here. God has never left them, and He never will.

(for our families watching this blog for updates...if the blog is quiet, please don't worry about us, it mostly means that internet isn't allowing for us to post. The phone allows for almost continual twitter updates, so watch the sidebar to the right.)

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