Thursday, February 04, 2010

The final stretch...

What a week! It really has been an army of people behind this venture. For the last 4 days vehicle after vehicle after vehicle after vehicle (yet get my point) has shown up at the church with supplies for our team. It was AWESOME how much God provided, and after packing our 30 bags last night, we have the wonderful dilemma of figuring out how to get the leftover supplies to Haiti in the coming months. Thanks to American Airlines, we were able to overpack 5 of our bags, without cost. We have 25 bags at the regular 50lbs mark, and 5 at 70lbs. It's a bit crazy.

In addition to supplies, there have been loads of people at the church helping to count, sort, and prepare for last nights packing event, as well as some kiddos from different classes bringing in meds, and money for relief items. It really has been fun to watch God do his thing in our lives.

This time tomorrow we will be in the air! We admit, we are excited, and we also admit, there are some butterflies in our stomachs! We appreciate the prayers, and your willingness to support us in this journey.

We will do our best to update you on how things are going, when internet and time allows, but we are also committed to our task at hand, bringing relief. If you want to follow the stories, this is the place to be, in times where I can't update the blog, I will try to update via Twitter, and you can follow those updates to the right.

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