Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It seems as if each day has its own set of extremes. Today wasn't any different.

There was extreme sadness as babies cried when they were seen, and extreme hope at the thought of new life possibly entering the world in our clinic by the end of the day.

There are extremes of noise in tent city and in the streets where we are staying, yet when we walked around Old Jacmel tonight, and many of the streets were deafly silent. Somber. So difficult to take in.

And then there was extreme illness and health. Yesterday the little girl pictured below was very ill. She spent hours on a bed in the clinic with a ridiculously high fever (I think at one point it reached 106 degrees) and Chris Marsi, and Melissa spent those hours pouring over her, trying to get her fever down and trying to figure out what was wrong. Eventually we sent her on her way with meds, and hope, that she would be better in a few days.

She came back today, with her parents, the entire family grinning ear to ear, full of joy at restored health. Ok, so I know they aren't grinning in the picture, but they really were in real life. They were thrilled at her restored health, dressed up in their finest, and came back to say thanks.

And we smiled too. Some of us to the point of tears.


nanajobx said...

Gwenn says Haitians never smile for the camera :) Glad the little girl is doing well. Sleep well I'm sure you will be busy again tomorrow.

Brazenlilly said...

I love smiling to the point of tears. :) I love seeing efficiency and hard work in the name of Christ! Great job to your whole team. May they be blessed for the blessing they are giving.