Monday, February 08, 2010

Building a clinic in a shanty-town

When we refer to "tent city" we are referring to what used to be a soccer field in Jacmel that has now become home to too many people, living in both make-shift tents, as well as some tents built by the Venezuelan Government. It's sad, because so many people are homeless and living in what we would consider to be substandard conditions, but at the same time, they have no where else to go, and they are making the best of it. Our Saturday photos were a glimpse of "tent city."

Today we took over a corner of tent city, and turned it into a medical clinic. It was awesome! Several of us arrived at 6:30 this morning to start clearing the land of trash, overgrown shrubs and also of things that you don't want to say out loud. The most awesome part, was that without any prompting or asking the residents living in tent city showed up in throngs to help. Together we turned a place of squalor into a place of healing.

You can see pictures here.

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