Tuesday, February 09, 2010

4 weeks ago...

Haiti was changed forever.

This week we have been too. We have marveled at miracles, been in awe of generosity, and humbled by the measures of grace we have seen.

We have also been in awe of the devastation, the injuries, the wounds, the sickness and the improper treatment by those who came ahead of us.

We are changed. We are having a blast, and we grieve simultaneously. We will never know the depths of sorrow that is felt by our friends serving here or by the Haitian community, but we will commit to partner with them as they walk in discovery of what the "new normal" will be.

Clinic today was a great success! Yesterday we saw about 200 patients as we were learning our groove. Today we are pretty sure we doubled that. Please continue to pray for us.

(apologies for the limited photos, the internet is not cooperating.)


Mary Mc said...

I'm so overwhelmingly proud of all of you! Praying constantly for you.
Thank you for serving selflessly

jody said...

I came upon your blog some how, well I know it was only God because really I can not explain how I found it on my own. We live in Cary, NC and would love to help you out in some way. Feel free to contact me! I will be praying for you all! Jody