Friday, July 03, 2009

Hospital Visits and Old Friends...

I was in Arusha less than half an hour and already taking advantage of my white skin to make a hospital visit.  I know, it seems wrong to me too, but mostly I was along for the ride, literally.

A precious Barabaiq woman who was attending the CHurch planters training here at the CMF training center fell ill weeks ago, Annelle asked if I didn't mind stopping by the hospital since she was already in town.  Of course I didn't.

So off we went, and I marvelled as we didn't turn down the road I expected.  I have to admit that my memories of the Arusha hospital weren't the greatest, so when we went in another direction I was confused and a little relieved.  Instead we went to the new hospital.  It was finished in the year I was gone and when we arrived I was in awe of its modern look.  It was clean.  It smelled clean.  It was amazing!

Our visit was a good one, yet sad.  The woman we were visiting is in need of a miracle.  Her husband was there with her and she was in terrible pain, and really, there isn't anything anyone can do for her, even if she was in the USA there wouldn't be an option.

After the visit we headed out to the CMF center where I was warmly greeted.  I surprised a few Tanzanians who did not know I was coming, and a few others who were dear friends who knew of my arrival.  It was precious, incredibly sweet, and heartwarming to talk to swahili...and hear of all of lifes happenings, their kids growing, their churches growing, life as parents etc.  

Tomorrow promises more.  My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for this leg of the journey. It has felt good to come to a place that I once called home, and to be embraced so warmly.   

Tomorrow I will try to remember to bring my camera...I will blame my lack of photography today on jet-lag and five days of travel.  It is shocking to me to think that every day this week I spent hours either in a car, a plane or a was all worth it.

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Christine said...

I am SO glad this trip is so good for you. I like to read how content you are.