Tuesday, July 21, 2009

22 days...

I overslept this morning.  

Kind of.  

I don't ever set an alarm.  My brain has a clock that wakes me between 6 and 6:15 every morning.  It is somewhat awesome as I hate the sound of alarm clocks, but annoying because it makes "sleeping in" a little difficult at times.

Not today.  I woke up at 8 am.  I think my body is sick of me going going going, and I can't blame it.  A glimpse of the last three weeks:

  • Monday June 29 drove to DC to get that Kenyan Visa.
  • Tuesday June 30 drove back to Raleigh from DC, with a Visa and a migraine.  (not recommended by the way.)
  • Wednesday July 1, flew to Kenya, via Dubai (also not recommended.  LONGEST flight in History.)  Traveled around Tanzania and Kenya for 10 days.  Most of those days spent on the road in some capacity.  Yes I was tired of sitting. :)
  • Monday July 13 arrived back in Raleigh.  
  • Tuesday July 14 I took the day off to recover. 
  • Wednesday July 15, I probably should have taken another day off to recover but I didn't set good boundaries.  
  • Thursday July 16 I signed the lease on the new apartment.
  • Friday July 17 I started moving and interrupted the move with a trip to Dr. Bloom for these darn headaches that seem to be plaguing me.  He game me some ideas, and reprimanded me for only taking 1 day off after Kenya/Tanzania.
  • Saturday July 18 finished moving with the help of some great friends.  Well, finished is a loosely used phrase...everything is IN the apartment...put away is a different matter...
  • Sunday seemed like the longest day in history.  I walked around the church most of the morning for fear that if I sat down I would crash.  I took a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day and my body groaned when I made it wake up.  I still managed to go to bed and sleep 9 hours sunday night.
  • Yesterday seemed brighter, but my body kept begging for sleep.

Tomorrow begins a much needed break.  My Matt, Jennifer, Connor and I will meet up at the Fort Lauderdale airport to celebrate Connor's first birthday (not in the airport of course!) and visit dad for the weekend.  I have already warned them that I might sleep a lot and that sitting on the beach is high priority.  I'm thinking that some good family time, and a few days on the beach might be exactly what my body needs to stop the eyes from burning and the head from aching.  Cause I mean really...

Doesn't this face look like the picture of rest and relaxation???

Now to find that swimsuit and towel...


Hope said...

Hope you have some great downtime and a great time with the nephew. Give that little one a big birthday hug from me! Have fun!

Dr. j... said...

I am praying that the rhythm of the sea reteaches your breathing and your heart to find their natural rhythm. May you find hours of blank brain and rejoice without needing to explain or justify anything. I'm there right now. Sweet. Sweet.
Love you,