Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and it shows no signs of stopping.

I thought my travels were to begin tomorrow, but, in typical Pam fashion, they started...yesterday.

July 29 make 5 hour trip to DC.
July 30 obtain Kenyan Visa and make 6 hour trip from DC with visa and an unwelcome migraine.  How I made it home, I don't really know.  What I do know is that I have an awesome Family Practice Doc who talked me through my trip home and waited for me to arrive at his office at the end of the day so he could set me up in case another one hits while I travel.  This was migraine 4 in 12 days.  5th in a month.  Not sure why the sudden onset.  Up until then it had been 5 years....anyhow I digress...back to the journey...

July 1:  Depart Raleigh
July 2:  Arrive in Kenya
July 3:  Depart Kenya for Tanzania
July 3-7:  Visit friends in Tanzania
July 7: Depart Tanzania, return to Kenya
July 8:  Depart Nairobi for trip to the bush.
July 11:  Return to Nairobi.
July 12:  Depart Nairobi, Kenya.
July 13:  Arrive back in Raleigh.

This trip is a big deal.  I am realizing how pivotal it is for our Church, and for me personally.  It isn't just a physical journey but also a journey of the heart and spirit.  Not sure if blogging will be possible, but I will definitely share when I am able.

I should mention the little detail that before this trip was planned, I had planned to move to a smaller, cheaper apartment.  The move date is July 18.  All help is appreciated.  Email me to volunteer or leave a comment.

And then I should mention that my travels don't end there.  Before Kenya was planned I had planned a mini vacay to visit my nephew for his first birthday (it was actually my birthday present from my brother, but who's keeping track?)  So July 22-26 I will travel to FL, to visit the fam.

July will be a blur.  Wonder what August has in store?

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