Monday, June 15, 2009

Fill her up.

This weekend I took some time out, as mentioned in my last post I am learning that I need to take time to feed and nourish my own soul.  And man did I feast this weekend.

One of the many things that refuels my soul is to be outdoors, and to be outdoors in a place where there isn't cellular reception is almost magical.  After a four hour drive, setting up camp at midnight, a short nights sleep and a quick breakfast, the real fun began.

A 13-15 mile hike (there is still debate about how far it really was) through wilderness is always incredible.  There is something breathtaking about being on top of the mountain and looking across valleys, something spectacular about climbing a rock and peeking over the side, and something inspiring about a small plant growing out of the side of said rock.  Beauty, in the harshest conditions is something that we should always take note of. 

Take all of those experiences that throw them right smack in the middle of a sea of wild rhododendrons and you will likely be made speechless.  I marveled as I walked through this indescribable sea of pink flowers that often times soared above my head.

Yep.  Incredible.  Absolutely incredible.

It was an awesome weekend.  I repeatedly found myself amazed by God and many times found myself reflecting on the beauty He has placed in my life, both in harsh conditions like the plant on the rock, and in more fertile places like the valley's between the mountains.  I truly am on an incredible journey in this life, one that I sometimes miss out on because I don't stop and refuel.

It was definitely a "fill me up" kind of weekend.  It took some work to make it happen, but the depths to which my soul was refreshed reminded me of how necessary it is to make things like this happen.  I arrived back in Cary yesterday ready to pour into others again, excited to show up to Crosspointe, and eager about what kinds of mountains I will get to climb with others this week.  I really need to do this more often.

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