Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tuesday in pictures...

Can it be Wednesday already?

Tuesday was an awesome day!  It was in full Haiti fashion and very hot and humid day, but we had a blast.  The key events were feeding about 150 people from the community a hot lunch, registering the kids for the soccer outreach, and helping Dr. Teresa (who we stayed with sunday night) prepare for the medical clinic she will do while we are doing the soccer outreach.  And, there was a spur of the moment soccer game of the "whites" vs the Haitians in the afternoon. Let's just say we weren't as lucky as UNC...we lost miserably, but it was a lot of fun, and we are pretty sure the Haitians enjoyed it just as much if not more...

Lisa, Olivia and Magdalene helping prepare for lunch

Ken, Courtney, and Courtney getting the kids excited while they wait in line.

Kelsey and Nicole registering the kids.

Eddie and Valerie helping sort medications for the clinic
Breanna and Rachel helping to sort medications for the clinic
Courtney, Ken and Kelsey helping with lunch prepration

Thanks so much for praying for us. Please continue to pray as we have another day at the open field.  The sun is hot, we aren't quite used to it, and it is also intense and a few of us are learning lessons in re-applying sunscreen!  Nobody got burnt badly yesterday but some of us definitely came back to the home a little pink.  Today is the first day of the soccer outreach, and we are looking into the possibility of treating the HCH kids to a dip in the pool, some fries and cokes at the end of the day.  Who would have known that serving and blessing could be so much fun!

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Jenny R. said...

Great pictures!!! We love seeing you all in action. Thanks! Know you are in our famiy's prayers.