Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A part of me...Ken Marshall

As another day goes by, I find myself falling in love with this place more and more. The people, the culture, the food (which I love J) but there are these two things I can’t stop thinking about. Their names are Vania and Tina Pye; they are the kids of Danny and Leanne Pye. These two beautiful girls happen to be the kids my family sponsors from the Haitian Children’s Home. Back at home on my piano I have their pictures sitting on top of it with all their info, so every time I would go to play the piano I would see their faces and read about them. I never would have thought in my lifetime that I would be here in Haiti playing with these two young gals. I always looked at those pictures and wondered how they are doing and how I could always help, it never hit me when I signed up for this Haiti mission trip I would be seeing them and meeting them but as it got closer I realized that I would be seeing them. When I first got to see these two girls the first thing I did was show them the pictures I had of then, I don’t speak their language but I sure did know how to say “YOU”. Tina’s reaction was her hands going over her face and laughing, and then walking away. She probably was thinking “why does that “Haitian” have a picture of me.” Vania’s reaction happened to be the same. As my trip went on I got to spend more time with them I feel God had called me to meet these girls and make a little dent in their lives. I have only been here for three days and I feel like Tina, Vania and I have known each other forever. Today after we finished at the Soccer Outreach it was the Pye kids and our team cleaning up the fields. Tina, Vania and I decided that we wanted to play and not work, so we did. We ran and threw water on each other and it felt like it was just us. I mean  you couldn’t tell me anything, I felt God all around us watching over us and  it just felt  so right. Tina and Vania have been blessings in my life and have made a big impact  in my life. Just to see a picture become reality is a blessing in its self.

Living To Make Him Famous

-ken a. marshall


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hey...that['s amazing place,right?
i like to see the view,i wish i were you so that i could feel the

nice to meet you