Thursday, April 09, 2009

North Carolina Bound...

We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.  We would appreciate any prayers as we make our journey towards Cary, NC.

Here is our plan:
5:30am breakfast
6:00 AM board bus for Port au Prince
12:00PM depart Port au Prince for Miami
3:15 PM arrive in Miami
9:00 PM depart Miami for Raleigh
11:00 PM arrive in Raleigh

We hate to leave Haiti, it seems like we just arrived, which, we sort of just did thanks to all of the chaos of trying to get here.  Pray for smooth transitions, both between buses and flights, and also for the transitions of our hearts.  We are about to be jolted back into the reality we left a week ago, and it is far different from the reality we have lived this week.

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