Friday, March 27, 2009


Silence does not mean contemplation is fact in my world it is really quite the opposite...some of the noise in my head surrounds the following:

1.  Social Networking and how I feel like my entire life is public...and how uncomfortable that makes me.  
2.  This single life...and how I don't know how to play the dating game...
3.  Tuning out...why I need to turn off my tv again.
4.  Intentional grace and why I need to do a better job of living it...
5.  Gluten free mess...its a daily knew it had to be somewhere in the noise.

If I can simmer on one of these ideas long enough, I will pull the thoughts together here for you, until then its just Haiti stories and photos...I would really like to get Kenya in here as well.  

Which...for those who don't know, I head back next week with 10 high school students who thought that instead of spending spring break doing something that involved only themselves, they would head to Haiti, and love some kiddos.  I get the fun job of leading them...and there isn't a spec in my soul that isn't excited about it.  

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