Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celebrating the Gatlin Family

When the Gatlin’s moved to East Asia in 2002 to teach English to University Students they did not expect that fire that settled in their hearts to continue to burn and grow within them for years to come. While living in East Asia they not only taught English but fell in love with the people there. Through building relationships and spending time with their students they developed a heart for a country that is very lost spiritually.

Fast forward a few years, with different jobs, two beautiful boys, and once you meet them you will know that the Gatlin family was forever changed by the 6 months they spent in East Asia. They know that their time there made a difference in the lives of many but they grieve knowing that there really is little opportunity for others to meet Grace there, and they lose sleep knowing that there are many more people who do not yet know Hope, Trust, Joy, Grace and a Future without limits.

As a church we are excited about what God is doing in the hearts of the Gatlin family. Over the last year they have been taking steps, very exciting ones and very difficult ones of faith that will lead them to East Asia to share Hope with those left behind in 2002. While serving as Team Leaders and living as students they hope to build relationships with other students and families that will open doors for them to share their Hearts with others. Their desire is that through living Life with others, they will eventually be able to share the Hope and the Peace that they have with those who really have none. Once relationships are built they also hope to take things a step further than they were able to in 2002 and develop small groups and point people in directions where they continue to grow in the knowledge of Grace.

This journey is a very exciting one, but also one filled with challenges and change. The Gatlins are courageously embracing the many changes that lie ahead of them and are making them knowing that it is something they were born to do. They have already sold their home, and over the last year they have been navigating that long road of support raising. Crosspointe Church is excited to be able to partner with them in their journey as their sending church, and as part of sending them, thanks to the generosity of those in our church community we were able to cover all of their start-up costs. In 2008 we committed and provided all the finances necessary for travel preparations, training, moving and start-up expenses.

Please join us in praying for the Gatlin family as they continue on this journey. It is one that will have amazing opportunities, exciting experiences, and abounding stories of life change, but also is one that is full of change, transition, and will no doubt have difficulty ahead.

If you would like to follow their journey more closely or would like to receive their prayer newsletter updates, send them an email at kandl@teamexpansion.org

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