Saturday, February 07, 2009

We're Here!

It has been a VERY long day!  Our 3:15 am meeting time came way too soon for most of us, but we are all still smiling as we embrace our new friends and family for the week! As I sit in another room writing the update, I am listening to our crew adjust and laugh with each other and a few of the kids from the Haitian Children's Home.  Supper is cooking, bags have been opened, and only 1 thing broke!  The medical professionals have been briefed by Doctor Teresa and the excitement is building.  The last few months of preparation, fundraising and planning has gotten us this far, and we have so much to learn and experience in the next several days!

Thanks for praying for us, our day had a few adventures as we had an engine that wouldn't start, then another plane with toilets that didn't want to flush, and then, the smallest plane most of us have been on ever...a 17 passenger plane from Port au Prince to Jacmel.  The view, spectacular, the experience, breathtaking, and we are all stunned.

Thanks for praying for our safe journey, your prayers were heard.  Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to the heat (it's HOT, and HUMID) and none of us are complaining!  Pray for good rest tonight as we dive in tomorrow.

And yes, pictures will come:)

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Mary McClear said...

Glad you are there! Yes, you do have a cool job! :) Praying for all of you!