Friday, February 13, 2009

Walking the Vision...

Today our team walked the vision of the future of Haitian Children's Home.  I missed out on it, but after talking with most of them they were in agreement that it was "amazing."  They were honored to be a part of our church community and it was fun for them to stand upon the rocks and terrain that Crosspointe helped Haitian Children's Home to acquire.

It is such an honor to be a part of a church community that will commit to doing life together in ways that will affect how so many Haitians will do life together in the future.  Last night as we debriefed we talked about how hopeless this place can seem, how difficult life here must be, how there just seems to be a dark cloud, and this morning, to stand upon land and hear Danny share his heart and then to trust God together that we all can be a part of changing lives together is spectacular to say the least.

The afternoon was spent experiencing the vision in a different way, it was spent playing soccer, in the sand and in the waves at the beach with the Haitian Children's Home kiddos.  Again, it was awesome.

Now the battle of the heart begins, where we must begin packing our bags, where we must figure out how our changed hearts fit into the world we left behind a week ago, and how we live as changed people.

Please pray for us as we make preparations to return and as we travel.  Our travels begin at 9am tomorrow morning, and we won't arrive in Raleigh until nearly midnight.  We look forward to seeing you, and sharing our stories with you in person.

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