Thursday, February 12, 2009

Travel Day (Saturday) Pictures

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie & Mission Group,

Reading the blog of your time in Haiti, made me think of a story I was reading to my 4 yr. old earlier today. It was titled The Great Teacher Served Other People. To sum up the story, it was the telling of the account in the bible where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. (Bible book of John chapter 13.) The lesson for us….Jesus did not want his disciples or followers to think only about themselves, but he wanted them to be willing to serve others, to do good things for them.

It is very touching to read your daily experiences. Reading & looking at the pictures seeing your kindness, caring spirit, and giving of yourselves to help those who are less fortunate than we are is heartwarming.

Also, a couple of times in your blog, you mentioned, “introducing the Healer” or “reminding people they are loved by their Creator and that He is their healer.” Those statements brought to my mind that when Jesus was on the earth he proved his power to heal all kinds of sickness and disease, which result because of the sin we inherited from Adam, (scriptures such as ......Ps. 51:5/Romans 5:12/Romans 6:23 come to mind) and we go on to learn in our reading from the bible that Jesus performed these miracles to show what he would do on a grander scale, all over the earth, as King of God’s Kingdom.

So, seeing the things you are now in Haiti, it must be so encouraging to read scriptures such as Isaiah 33:24 where we are promised that one day soon all over the earth, “No resident will say: I am sick.’” OR Isaiah 35:5,6 where it speaks of Jesus in the near future, opening the eyes of the blind, letting the deaf hear, & helping the lame one to climb. (To name a few of course)

Thank you for sharing your experiences through your blog. I hope I could also be of some encouragement too by letting you know I’ve been reading them. Then too sharing some very encouraging scriptures that help us to see you are correct when you said, “reminding people they are loved by their Creator and that He is their healer” because by means of his Kingdom and by means of his son, Jesus, we see that this truly is the case. We can be confident from his promises in the bible, that he will soon provide permanent relief.

I hope the rest of your trip continues to go so well. As you mentined in your blog, "There is that battle between our hearts for home and our families, and our hearts for here. There is a longing to dive in, and we all are, but people remind us of loved ones back home, and there is a sadness that they can't be here with us." I am sure you remember this trip fondly & it will have touched your hearts, but are ready to see your families and vice versa.

Yavonka (Jennie's friend)
Apex, NC