Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A tale of two cities...and ice cream!

Or rather...two towns.

The first two days of the week we set up a clinic in the church in Jacmel, Haiti.  The church is in town, lots of people, lots of noise, dust, etc.  The first day we were shocked to see 450, the second day we were shocked that there were 850 people seen...and as amazed as we were, we were worn out as well.  The clinic in Jacmel was awesome, we were stretched, we learned, we loved, we grew, we had a BLAST!

Today we headed up the mountain to Chabin, a much smaller "town" and I use the word "town" rather loosely.  We jumped on a tap-tap and took the 20 minute trip uphill to a small church that overlooks was spectacular, and we again were amazed.  From the church grounds you could see where the river runs into the ocean, you could see land and hills for miles around, and the open expanse was breathtaking...but we had work to do!

Today was awesome, and the experience was as unique as the setting was new.  We had a much slower pace, and fewer patients.  At first this seemed a little disappointing, but at the end of the day it proved to be a blessing, we needed the break.  Had we seen another 850 people, we might have been worthless by lunch.  Today we were able to spend more time with the patients, more time laughing and encouraging one another, and more time taking in what God was doing around us.  It was a BLAST in its own way.

This evening had highlights of its own as our last patient came earlier in the day.  We were back at the mission team housing relatively early so we had the awesome experience of a walking tour of Jacmel.  We explored the market, the town, local stores, and two mission hospitals, and we came back with an entirely new perspective and some of us with bellies of ice cream!  Again, a blast.  

As the leader of this group, I must say I am continually amazed by this team.  They have blown me away with their adventerous spirit, their willingness to do anything, and their servants' hearts.  It has been a joy to work with them.

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