Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SO maybe it wasn't a teaser...

But instead the real thing.

Our troops are hanging in there, but we are wiped.  A few of us have had a few little bouts with illnesses of our own, and well, seeing 1200 patients in 2 days is hard work!  

Today has been non-stop...literally.  

Set up the clinic at 8.
8 hours later having seen 850 patients we packed up our clinic supplies.
A quick 20 minute break and then a trip to Danny and Leann's house for dinner with the kiddos.  It was loads of fun, awesome food, and lots of laughter and playing with the kids.
Back home, and back to counting meds and preparing for tomorrow.
Around 10 we stopped, mostly because we had to.
Devotions are done, and we are heading to bed.

Tomorrow we start again at 7, with another day of clinic, another day of bringing hope to others, another day of introducing the Healer, another day of lives changed.

Thanks for praying.  Please pray for our health, our unity as a team, and our ability to endure.  


Jackie Bedard said...

WOW! 1200 people? That's amazing! Great work team. We're all thinking about you and praying for you all. Thanks for keeping us updated via the blog.

C.C. said...

WOW!! Did you have Haitian spaghetti? Or did Mdm Emilene cook for you?