Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A sneak peak...

There is so much to say...but not much time until dinner.

In short, we saw nearly 850 people today, so we have already seen twice the amount we thought we would see in an entire week. YOWSA!

We are laughing.
We are yawning.
We are grieving.
We are celebrating.

It is an odd paradox, you hate to celebrate in this situation.  The fact that we saw 850 people is awesome, the fact that 850 people needed to be seen...grievous.

More later...but for now, it's time to head to the Pye family home to have dinner with the kids of HCH.


Dan/Ben/Lexie said...

We are proud of you all and are glad you are able to put your skills to such wonderful use. Please tell Jackie we miss her very much and enjoy the pictures!

C.C. said...

Good gravy!!