Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Patients...

The patients we have seen this week have so MUCH patience.  It really is incredible.  Of the 2000 or so people we have seen in the last four days (yes, you read that right) not one of them complained about having to sit in the sun, or wait, some of them having to wait 4-5 hours to be seen.  We have all commented on how this would not  happen in the USA.  
A few observations to note...

We packed up from clinic today and really, only had enough medicine left for 2 bins, we came with 20 suitcases.  That is ALOT of medicine!

We remarked on the incredible patience with us, with interpreters, with each other.

We noticed how Haitians come, dressed to impress, in their finest clothes to see the white doctors.  

We also noticed that it would be near to impossible to be extremely healthy in the type of setting they live in.

We experienced indescribable gratitude, uncontainable joy, and overwhelming love these last four days.  It is hard to believe we are done with clinics, and that we only have 2 more nights here.  Time has flown by so quickly.

Tomorrow we visit the new land (wonder how long we can call it new) and spend some time with the HCH kids at the beach, and then church tomorrow night.  Saturday will be another long day of travel, with us leaving Jacmel at 10am, and arriving at Raleigh Durham near midnight.  Most of us already made plans to be at church sunday morning, we can't wait to share stories!

In the are some more pictures...including a better picture of Leann so she forgives me.  :)


Elaine* said...

Pam... I LOVEEE the picture of you and Leann with the baby. IT brought tears to my eyes... Blessings and prayers to you and the team! Come home safely!

Brian Williams said...

What an incredible example of the love of our Father.
Fantastic job.... 2000 people! WOW!
I'll bet there are some tired but very satisfied docs and nurses in Jacmel tonight.
And one tired Mobilization Pastor too. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your blog. Like you didn't have enough to do already.
Tell Danny and LeAnn I said hello.
Looking forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.