Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Noise!

Tonight as we debriefed our day, there were several comments about the noise.

The noise of babies crying.
The noise of cars honking.
The noise of dogs barking.
The noise of radios blaring.
The noise of engines purring.
The noise of children playing.
The noise of parades passing by.
The noise of community.

It kept us awake last night, even though we had ear-plugs, and it likely will tonight as well, but there is this strange feeling of gratitude as we recognize that these noises are the sounds of life.

Thanks for praying for our team today.  We had the opportunity to worship in a lively Haitian church, share meals together and become stronger in our team unity.  We are learning a lot, and being stretched.  There is still that battle between our hearts for home and our families, and our hearts for here.  There is a longing to dive in, and we all are, but people remind us of loved ones back home, and there is a sadness that they can't be here with us.

Tomorrow is our first day of clinic, and we are starting at 7:15am.  Pray for wisdom, discernment, endurance, and our own physical health as we try to bring healing to others.


stephen said...

jennie - c.c. and i are praying for you. we're proud of you. and don't worry, we'll help take care of your family while you're gone! love.....skc

Holly Hall said...

Hi Pam,

Wanted you to know we are following your blog and praying for you guys. Davis, as usual, would like to see pics when you get back! I hope things went smoothly with the clinic today and lots of healing took place -