Thursday, February 05, 2009

Haiti or bust!

I have an AWESOME job!

On Saturday myself, 9 others from Crosspointe Church, and 4 others from Illinois will make the trek to Jacmel, Haiti to work alongside Danny and Leann Pye of Haitian Children's Home for the week!

This trip is trip focused around sharing the Gospel through providing medical care to those in Jacmel who have little or no access.  Don't worry, I am not the one providing the medical treatment, rather, I just get to be the "assistant."  We will leave the real medical treatment in the hands of the trained Doctors, Nurses, PA's, and an EMT traveling with us.  

There will of course be stories of lives changed, hopefully pictures, and since I am going along, there will probably be some humorous, "these types of things only happen when Pam travels types of stories!"

If you have a chance, please pray for us:
Chris Bingham
Brittany Clark
Duchess Diard
Caleb Gallentine
Darla Gallentine
Bill Gallentine
Jackie Grinstead
Pam Johnson
Rachel Johnson
Robert Johnson
Angela Kline
Jennie Kowaleski
DiAnn Valentine

Keep checking back.  It's sure to be an adventure.

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C.C. said...

So excited for you all...can't wait to see updates!