Monday, February 09, 2009

Dreams becoming reality...

Last July I came to Haiti with Stephen and C.C. Claybook, and Gwenn Mangine.  During our trip here I had a meeting with Danny about how Crosspointe could be a part of 2009 through short term trips.  When we met, he mentioned how he had been dreaming about Haitian Children's Home having two teams per year that were devoted to medical clinics, as a way to minister to the Community of Jacmel.  One thing I appreciate about the Pye family, is that raising 21 kids is not enough.  Really, they could focus all of their efforts on the kids in the home and leave it at that, but they don't, they instead feel it is important to reach out to their neighbors...

So Danny asked, "Pam, can Crosspointe lead two medical trips here in 2009."  I said, "No, we don't want to rob another church community of the opportunity, but we would gladly do one."  

And this week, this dream that became known in a small office is becoming a reality and I LOVE that Crosspointe Church gets to be a part of it!

Danny hoped we would treat minor illnesses...  

We have seen a variety from worms, scabies, urinary tract infections, pregnancies, malnourishment...the list goes on and on...and on.

Danny hoped we would see around 600-800 people in the week.

We saw and treated about 450 people TODAY.  

Danny hoped people would receive the care they needed.

450 people today not only received medicine, but were also reminded of God's love for them as Doctors, PA's, nurses, and us not so medical folks laid hands on them and addressed their needs.

Danny hoped we would be able to bring some medication.

God provided nearly $500,000 worth of medication for our team at little or no cost.

Danny hoped lives in Haiti would be changed.

Lives in Haiti have been changed...and so have ours.


stephen said...

450 people in one day?!
$500,000 in medicine?!
Holy crap, that's awesome!
Praying for you guys and cheering you on from NC!

Christine said...

I am amazed.