Sunday, January 18, 2009

The weekend in Review

Thursday Night...10PM
American Airlines calls to tell me that my 9am flight to Grand Rapids is cancelled.  They have rebooked me on a flight at 4pm.  Not too bad, just a later night on Friday than originally planned.

Friday night: SO COLD!

But I arrived, quite late, actually 9 hours later than I originally intended to arrive...and really only 1 hour late based on my new flight schedule.  Either way it was midnight and at 1am I arrived at the house I am staying at this evening.  Not without incident.  And yes, I give you full permission to laugh as you read through my events...

Arrive at RDU, only to find Kristy Daughtery in the same terminal.  That wasn’t the funny part, although she is quite funny.  :)  We board, and I was somehow awarded elite status (not sure how this happened) but I got to board with the pre-boarding folks.  It was kinda fun, until I realized that meant I really just got to sit on the plane longer!  

Arrive in Chicago, and snow is EVERYWHERE.  We were a small plane, so that meant a deplaning on a jetway.  No JOKE, there was ice on the jet way and wouldn’t you know it. I found it, in just the right way that I should have, the way that makes you crash to the ground.  (this is where you can laugh, although I will be honest, I was tired, and didn’t, I grumbled.)

Find my next gate.  Flight is delayed.  I eventually board and soon realize that we haven’t taken off yet and I should have already landed in Grand Rapids.  Nice.  We arrive, safely, and I am thrilled to find the rental car place is still open (it was 11:30 at this point).  I get my car and then run back to the baggage claim to get my bag.  I roll my bag out to my car, which involves walking through cold powdery white stuff that I would prefer didn’t exist.  I get to the car spot, but the car is mis-parked of course.  I mean, really, it is –9 degrees, don’t you want to search for your car?  I find it, and the locks are frozen.  Yes go ahead and laugh again, and then make a promise to yourself to never travel with me, cause these types of things happen. Again I didn’t laugh, instead I resorted to acting like a four year old (still working on getting that out of my system.)  So I stomp.  I wine.  I beg.  Something along the lines “God, I hate cold, I hate the snow, but I am here, all because of you, could you please help me out a little?”  little tear of frustration, and another foot stomp...which at this point I should say you shouldn’t foot stomp on snow, because there is likely ice underneath, and you guessed might slip and fall like I did.  Apparently my fall shook the iced locks loose though, as the next time I inserted the key it went right in.

Saturday night:  
8 inches of snow have fallen.  I drive to my hotel room, it takes an hour instead of 15 mintues.  I fishtail at several intersections...but I arrive safely.  Tired I drop everything and crawl under the warm a few minutes with friends, order some food and turn on the TV.

Sunday morning:
Take a look outside...12 inches of snow.  I debate about church for a while but have longed to visit Mars Hill so around 10am I decide that  I can make it.  I used to drive in this weather all the time...should be like riding a bike right?  I dig out the car, load up and head to the church.

I arrive, thankful that the drive wasn't too bad.  I am about 1/2 an hour early but decide to go in and have a look around.  I reach for my purse behind the drivers seat and as I am pulling it over the seat hear something plastic hitting plastic.  Having grown accustomed to my chapstick falling out of my purse I make the assumption (and we all know what they say about assumptions) that I need to search for chapstick later.  I lock the doors and start walking to the door.  As I close the car door (you know where this is going) I go to put the key's in my purse...and I open my hand to see the rental car key chain...without a key!  I realize at this moment that the clanking noise, was my key hitting the center console...not my chapstick. I try really hard to laugh.  I go straight to the info desk and ask for help.  They give me some numbers and I call the rental car company and they say they are sending roadside assistance.  The helpful greeter asks if I still want to go to church.  I figure I am stuck there and that's why I came so ask him to help me find a seat near a door so I can sneak out when I receive the call that they are on their way.  About 10 minutes into church they call.  Of course this is the one time when they are actually quick in responding and I actually don't mind waiting.  I exit, and they say they are calling cause it will take 1/2 hour for them to arrive.  I try to go back in, but there is a sign...entrance closed.  

I hang out for a bit, the same greeter stops by again.  I am frustrated...beyond frustrated...almost tearful.  The only desire of my heart at this moment is to be somewhere warm and dry, home sounds so inviting...even though I know Raleigh isn't all that warm.

He sneaks me back in another door.  The message sounds like one I needed to hear in its entirety. I hear the last 10 minutes.  The car guy comes.  Breaks into my car.  I find the key...and yep, there it the seat belt buckle contraption (only I could have such good aim!)

And then there was this meeting I participated in on saturday...but I can't even begin to think about posting on that yet.  Too much to process.  All in all, I am thankful.  I am checked in.  I am waiting for my flight to board...but wait there isn't a plane...hmmm...we are supposed to take off in 10 minutes...looks like another hitch might be in my giddy up.  

In my mind I'm going to Carolina...and it couldn't be any sooner!  A PJ day is in order for tomorrow...and movies...

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