Friday, January 09, 2009

Today I felt like Paul?

I know, my life does not compare to the life of Paul at all.  But I had a Paul moment.

I received an email from Kenya today, in Swahili, from one of the kids in the Children's home.  Sadly I had to think really hard to read and understand it fully.  I got the main jist, but was frustrated with how hard I had to think.

So I wrote him back, in swahili of course!  And my Paul moment came when I wrote the words:

"Thank you for praying for us.  We long to return to you and be a blessing and encouragement to you.  We had plans to come soon, but we had to change them.  Please know that we are asking God to guide us and if He would like, we will return.  We long to see you guys and encourage you again."

I remember reading words similar to these many times in Paul's writings, but I never got it.  Part of me wanted to think it was his way of "fluffing" the letter.  You know how you do when you are closing, just saying things that the people want to here...(no of course I don't do that!)

Anyhow, I got it, as I was writing it.  I really did want to be there.  I really have been asking God to reveal to us ways we can be of a greater encouragement to them.  I really am praying for a way for this to happen.  But yes, I am now praying those prayers in Swahili.

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Anonymous said...


Great thought and one I join you in.... praying for next week and how God would have us respond.