Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Rant.

I have a meeting near Grand Rapids MI this weekend.  I was supposed to fly to Grand Rapids tomorrow morning.  I got a phone call tonight that my flight was cancelled.  

I am rebooked.  But, it took 17 calls to get it that way.  Yes I counted, I kept getting a "busy" signal...go figure?

Which meant, 17 wonderful opportunities to walk through the voice automated service that AA insists on using to screen their calls.  

I don't like AA's automated service.  I actually don't care for anyone's automated services.  When I have a problem, I just want to talk to a person, I actually don't mind being on hold, ok yes I do, but I would rather listen to music than have a computer mis-hear every other command I give her...err it. A computer can't be a she.  These systems are inpersonal, and un-waivering in their responses and oh the voice is SO irritating. Just give me a human voice.  Please.

And I always feel sorry for the person who eventually does answer my call.  Because by then, I am frustrated, annoyed, and really wanting the situation to be resolved.  That poor person gets the less patient, less understanding version of me.  I am always able to rise above and be kind, but I could be so much kinder if I didn't have to go through the system.  

I still get to go to my meeting, I am booked on a MUCH later flight, which means I arrive MUCH later.  Oh, and that flight is over-booked, but they are CERTAIN I will have a seat...after all I am a gold star member.  I will believe it when I get my ticket, which will be when I get to the airport since I can't check-in online with my lack of a seat status.  Hopefully the rest of the weekend will go much better.

And yes, I promise to start blogging again, and it won't be a series of rants...I promise.


Pye's In Haiti said...

Yeah, trying doing it with a delay on your phone!

chocolategravy said...

The worst is when you get so mad at the automated voice and yell at it - then it replies "I'm sorry, I didn't understand you. Let's start over." ARRGGHH.

Anyway, hope you make it safely. If you're a gold star member you can board first and grab the assigned seat first. Squatters rights.

Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear about the 17 calls to AA - so frustrating. I hope Grand Rapids will treat you better! Winter isn't the best time to visit but Grand Rapids is my home town so I'd go any time I had the chance :)

Anonymous said...

Here is a website that might interest you...

They give you tips on how to bypass the automated system and get to a human.

BTW...I worked at AA and did a project (I worked in Reservations) where they were rolling out the automated system in specific zip codes...I had to survey the callers at the end of the call. EVERYONE hated the system...and they still put in it place ha ha ha.

Trish Johnson