Monday, January 05, 2009


I used to go walking at night with these guys as I coordinated their street outreach program, trained their volunteers and served the role of case manager for the kids we met.  I loved my night walks but during the months of October through March there was special attire required:

wool socks
hiking boots
running pants
outer pants
long john shirt
outer core
a mug of hot chocolate (well obviously I didn't wear this one!)
occasionally I would grab those lovely little handwarmers.

I loved my night walks in Indianapolis, mostly because of the people I met, but there was also something about walking at night while everyone was quiet and the world was peaceful.

One of the benefits of walking tonight, I didn't have to put on any extra layers.  I LOVE IT!  I wore pants and a long sleeve shirt, walked about 3 miles, had great conversation, enjoyed the quiet of town and my teeth didn't chatter and I didn't shiver once.  I didn't see a single homeless person, mostly because of where I was walking, but it was still awesome.

I love nightwalks in North Carolina!  Where else can you walk at 9pm in a t-shirt and running pants in January!

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patingamon said...

good luck with that tonite :)