Friday, January 30, 2009

Haileigh West

As church staff, we have been trying to watch, listen and support the West family as today turned out to be not at all how they anticipated it would be when they woke up.  In short, Haileigh has been having a lot of headaches, which lead to an MRI yesterday, which led to the Doctor calling today telling the West's to take Haileigh to Duke immediately.

They have been at Duke all day to develop a plan of action.  The MRI shows a tumor on her brain stem.  You can read more about it on Jonathan's blog. In short, this is serious, the surgeries are serious, and have risks.   

In the meantime, after you read, take the time to pray for Haileigh, her siblings, her parents, the doctors, and everyone else involved.  I can't imagine how rocked their world must be.

Trusting in the living God who also heals.

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