Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Example...

To the rest of the world.

We have this gift and we were able to witness a piece of it today.  We live in freedom.  We live in a country where elections take place without violence or extreme corruption.  We live in a land where the winner is allowed to take office without riots, looting, murder, and other such nonsense.

As much as some people might not like the fact that Obama is president, the fact exists that we live in a land, that has a system, and although it is not perfect, we live in a land where the system is used, and people will allow it to work.

I know most of the world took note that an African American took office today, I also hope they took note that we allowed the election process to work, and that although some were not happy with the outcome, we were still able to be united and look toward the future.

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Pye's In Haiti said...

America is definitely unique in that area. We are truly blessed. It is a gift that is taught to be able to step down and aside when we don't win. I know that everyone here in Haiti prays for this during elections in Haiti...an easy exchange of power.