Monday, December 08, 2008

The Gift of pain.

Several years ago I was wrestling with the question, "where is God in all the bad stuff?"
And "Why the pain God?"

And after many years of searching I hesitate to give the trite, simple, blow off the question answer: "He's right there."

But I did learn a thing about pain. It mostly started when I was picked up C.S. Lewis' book, The Problem with Pain. Which I should also admit that I never finished, I rarely finish a book, I get distracted by something else. Like I am right now. One of the points Lewis made in his book is that pain was necessary in order for us to experience joy.

In addition, one other thing I learned about pain, is not the answer to "where is God?" but the question that is answered is the question of "where am I?"

Pain, as much as I hate it, as much as I don't want it, always has this amazing way of bringing me right where I need to His feet. I hate that the world is not perfect, I get frustrated with people using their freewill and causing others pain. I am often irritated by the choices people make that affect others.

But I love that where Pain is, so is He, and I can so easily access His comfort.

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