Saturday, December 06, 2008

The gift of community.

We need each other.

Pretty simply put. We need each other. We need each other to stand up in trial, we need each other to mourn together, to celebrate together, to grow together and to learn together. God made us that way. And, since He is the all-knowing God of the universe, I assume it was all on purpose.

I assume it wasn't coincidence that God created Man and Woman. I assume it wasn't just for kicks that he said to, "be fruitful and multiply." I assume, that He had a plan all along, and part of that plan was for us to have community.

A community like that found in Acts chapters 1 and 2. Think about this group for a minute. In recent months they had seen Jesus crucified on a cross, then heard (and some saw) of his resurrection. They had given up everything when Jesus said to follow him, only to watch him die on a cross. I can imagine times were tough, I can imagine that there was some ridiculing from the pharisees or from those who didn't believe. Some people would walk away and quit.

But not the apostles. The stood together. They called together all of the believers, they prayed together, they ate together, they remembered scripture together. They were fortified and they stood firm as they remembered Jesus' last words and as they voted on a new apostle to join in the leadership.

Then comes pentecost and they gather together again. And strange things started to happen as they all encountered the Holy Spirit. And they were challenged again, and they were judged, but instead of falling apart (like many would) they stood together, again remembered who Jesus was, and pressed on.

It is SO hard to go against opposition alone, and so much easier to stand up to it when there is someone standing with you. I am thankful that God has given us the gift of community so that when we are fighting battles there is someone to go to. I am thankful that God has designed a way for us to be strengthened when we face opposition. I am thankful for the gift of community.

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