Sunday, December 14, 2008


I very much prefer comfort to discomfort.

Comfort food to health food. (except most foods on my comfort food lists contain gluten which means that they really aren't comfortable in the long run...I digress.)

I would rather sit in a ray of warm sunshine than shiver on my couch.

I would rather sit in a room of people who are full of words of encouragement then in a room full of critics.

But I am learning that discomfort can actually be good.  It is a gift.

Discomfort motivates change.

For example the gluten.  If I had a choice to eat it and didn't experience discomfort I would continue to reek havoc on my small intestine which could lead to so many other worse diseases.

If I was only around encouragers, I wouldn't grow from the wisdom I receive from critics.

If I didn't experience discomfort when I walk through slums...I wouldn't be motivated to change the situation.

If we didn't experience discomfort, we would grow content with life the way it is, for us, and for many others who live in poverty, and nothing would happen.

Good comes from discomfort.  It's a gift.

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