Thursday, December 18, 2008


I lack creativity.  I am really good at taking an original idea and tweaking, but when it comes to new and fresh ideas...I struggle, unlike the guys I work with.  They amaze me.  I must say that this week I have been further and further impressed by their creative minds.

But God, He is the creative one.  He is the one who started from scratch and spoke the heavens and earth into being.  He is the one who lit up the sky and put flowers in the fields.  I am thankful that He creates us in His image, and shares that creativity with us.

I hate to think about what this world would have been like without it.  

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Gwenn Mangine said...

First of all, let me say it was creative of you to link to the guys that way.

Second, you left out the most creative of all-- Madame Kris Stoner! Not only can she overhaul any room/stage/item in 2.6 nanoseconds-- she can use junk (err... "repurposed" items) bringing it in under $10 every time.

She is the grand ruling master of creativity if you ask me!