Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On the road again...

I am getting things together to head to the airport...again.  Yep.  It seems to be a habit I can't break.

On the agenda:
6:30ish...arrive at Raleigh Durham Airport.  Start working on talk for Sunday morning.
Arrive in Indianapolis at 11:45PM tonight.
Sleep at a friends house.
Thursday morning hang out with Lisa and the girls.
Thursday lunch time have lunch with another friend.
Thursday afternoon spend time with mom and grandma.
Thursday night..Bachelorette Party.
Friday morning and day...sleep and do final touches on the talk for sunday.
Friday night, wedding rehearsal.  
Saturday morning, get all gussied up and have pictures taken with the wedding crew!
Saturday afternoon, stand by Megan as she enters the "married" realm!  
Saturday night drive to Kokomo (the cold one, not the warm one!)
Saturday night dinner and laughter with more friends.
Sunday morning share in services and sunday school classes at First Presbyterian Church in Kokomo!
Sunday mid-day.  Lunch and more time with friends.
Sunday afternoon drive back to Indianapolis.
Sunday 5:30PM arrive at the Indianapolis Airport.
Sunday 11:15 PM arrive at the Raleigh Durham Airport.

Stay tuned though, cause next week I am going to break my airport tradition, and go to the airport to pick someone up instead of fly out myself!  1 more week till the McKerring's (all three of them!) arrive at RDU!

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