Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving Presence.

This year I am wanting something different out of Christmas.  I am wanting a revolution of sorts, but I am not sure it would go over well with friends and family.  

I have watched a few Advent Conspiracy videos over the last few years, and I like the concept, ALOT.

I like the idea of giving time to those I love instead of something they don't need.
I like the idea of not going into debt like so many others do in the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
I like the idea of not receiving one store bought gift and instead being given something far more valuable...time with those I love.
I like the idea of giving to those who need.  Those on the streets.  Those in poverty in the USA, and those in squalor around the world.
I like the idea of not buying something that someone doesn't need, when I could instead give something to someone who has great need?
I like the idea of the possibility of this being a new family tradition.  What do you think Matt?

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