Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Annual Thanksgiving at Aunt Pam's...


The family arrived at various times Wednesday night from Texas, Indiana and Maryland and the Thanksgiving holiday seems to be going off without a hitch.

Around 10am this morning as my brother and I are wondering where the rest of the family was, the phone rings and it is grandma.  She needs directions because mom is in bed sick, and just got back from the Emergency room.  Thankfully the folks at Rex Hospital treated her quite well during her middle of the night visit, although her children were upset that we were left in the dark!

Mom and Brad stayed at the hotel and rested a bit while the rest of us had a pancake breakfast (gluten free of course...they were good sports!)  Then the cooking began with the prepping of the turkey and making final plans for when to start the various parts of the rest of the meal.

With the turkey in the oven and nothing else to do we went for a short walk around the lake.  Grandma was a trooper and made it the entire way, and even up and down the hills at the end.  We estimate it to have been a two mile walk, both the little ones slept for part of it and we all had great conversations catching up...and made a few phone calls to check on mom.

Then dinner.  Wow we had a feast, with the typical traditional foods, and a few new healthier (and gluten free) alternatives!  I left the table in pain, but laughing.  Stephen and C.C. came with Darby and Henry and loads of good food (including a homemade carrot cake that looked AMAZING, however I didn't get to try it for obvious reasons!) and I can say my two bedroom apartment never felt so cozy!  We had such a good time laughing, sharing stories, and yes, eating.  And eating some more.

I LOVE that we all gathered here.  It was fun for me to do the cooking (and actually less stressful when it came to the eating part) and I LOVED looking around my apartment seeing my family here.  

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

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