Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The final box.

So when I returned to the USA I had friends trying to coax me to live in various places across the country.  This was fun, I heard many good reasons, perhaps the best reason was the one given by my brother and his wife, that I was going to be an aunt and an aunt should be near her nephew.  I still agree with that reason, however, they move every 2-3 years thanks to the US Navy and I can't keep up with that, or at least I don't intend to!

In March the idea of coming to Crosspointe came up, and although it wasn't a factor in the decision making process, a friend said to me, "Pam, it is warm here year round, I hardly ever get to wear more than a jacket. It is so much warmer than the midwest."

Like I said, it wasn't a factor in my decision making process to serve at Crosspointe, I will however admit it was a factor in my choosing NOT to unpack a certain box that was in my bedroom.

Today, the box was opened, and as I stood there shivering and pulling out the wool sweater and grieving the fact that the weather man predicted flurries today, I thought of my friend, and smiled.

This marks the final box of the move, so I guess it is official, I have fully moved into my apartment.  All of the boxes are unpacked and most items have found their place.

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