Thursday, September 25, 2008

This time tomorrow...

We will be getting close to London Heathrow airport.

17 of us are boarding a plane tomorrow bound for London and then Nairobi, Kenya where we will crash for a night before we head to Cheppema where we will spend 10 days at the Cheppema Hope Center of Special Ministries. The team will keep a blog at their Team blog site.

And of course, I will keep you up to date here as well.

So come along, enjoy the ride, and get a glimpse of what a difference a small group of people can make in the lives of a group of kids in East Africa and what a difference they will also make in our lives.

And for those keeping track...this trip will add flights 47, 47, 49 and 50 to my list so far this year. Sheesh!

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