Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm out.

The to do list is nearly complete, as complete as it can get.
My boarding passes are printed.
My bags still aren't packed.
Although I have no desire to board a plane, my excitement is building.

In about 8 hours I will take a ride to the airport and board a plane number 43 to see my brother, sister in law and new nephew.  I get to stay and hang out with my family for 10 days, and I am stoked.  I am stoked about cooking, cleaning, changing dirty diapers, reading, encouraging my bro and his wife, and just being useful to them.  I love that my brother and I get along so well and that the idea of 10 days with them isn't horrifying but exciting.  I truly am blessed.

I am stoked also as I am NOT taking my computer.  I think this is the first trip in at least 5 years that I did not carry a computer on the plane.  It feels weird, but it is necessary.  When I finish this blog post I will box it up, send it to Apple Inc. and they will do some necessary repairs and hopefully it will be waiting for me when I return.

I better get, there is still packing to do, and my ride is coming to get me at 4:30am tomorrow!  Yikes.  

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Joey Hansen said...

Have a great trip Pam, and enjoy loving on your little nephew!