Monday, September 01, 2008

Forty one and two


Yep, I am in Indy, for a few more hours.  Was this trip planned?  No.  

I got a call at 4 am on Saturday morning from one of my closest friends, her daughter was in the hospital and doctors were talking about drilling a hole in her head.  Quite miraculously I was on my way to the airport within an hour.  Miraculously in that I had the money in my account, miraculously in that the cost of the ticket was less than a usual ticket bought weeks in advance...

Sleep deprived I arrived in Indianapolis at 10:30 saturday morning, and my mom took me from the airport to the Hospital.  I then realized that Indianapolis is become less of home in that I couldn't remember where it was!  I used to pride myself on my savvy knowledge of the streets of Indianapolis.

Anyhow, later on in the afternoon I was driving Lisa's other daughter to the hospital to visit mama and her big sister, and Makenna saw an airplane.  In her cute 3 year old voice she said, "Miss Pam, I see an airplane.  Do you live on an airplane?"

If only she knew.  Flights forty one and two are added to my list today.  Forty three, four, five and six will be added in the next two weeks.  I will hit flight 50 on my way back from Kenya in October.  

I selfishly hope to not add 51 before Christmas.

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Megan Fausset said...

Ummm you have 51 and 52 in November...